Super Mario 64 Gains Multiplayer, Unofficially

Users of the Wii Homebrew Channel or N64 emulators have a surprise waiting for them if they’re still into Super Mario 64: Multiplayer.

YouTube user Skelux has divulged a way to bring in a second player – complete with reworked camera system – into the mix of Mario 64. Nintendo’s iconic 3D platformer was a trendsetter and remains beloved, clear proof being that someone took the time to work out a mod this complex with online capabilities.

This remains a work in progress, although in general terms, it’s entirely functional. The bug list are general fixes. It’s not difficult to get up and running if you have experience with emulators.

Nintendo originally planned to have multiplayer in Mario 64, but those plans were scrapped for time, and undoubtedly, gameplay concerns. It was hard enough to manage one viewpoint. The DS edition offered multiplayer, but only within the battle arena.