Win/Win: Play Halo 4 Multiplayer, Get Free Microsoft Points

Chances are, you can’t read this now because you’re playing Halo 4 (ed note: Actually, I’m staring at the title screen as I edit this). Know that if you keep playing Halo 4, you’ll earn Microsoft points just for playing its online multiplayer. Yes, you will earn money for playing a game. Exactly what your mom said you’d never be able to do when you were a child.

For example, if you hit 140 hours of playtime on Halo 4‘s multiplayer, the cap for the Xbox Rewards promotion, you’ll net 600 MS points. A much more realistic sounding 70 hours will earn you 300 MS points, while a simple 35 hours gets you a measly 100 MS points. But that’s not all! If you spend points on Halo Waypoint stuff, you’ll earn points back. Spend 3000 points and get 200 back while 1500 points spent will get you 100 back.

Just remember the offer is good until November 30, so that makes the requisite hours needed add all the more pressure to reap the rewards. Of course for some people, they’ll probably sign up then completely disregard the pressure of playing a lot of Halo 4 to earn points. Because those people were planning on playing tons of Halo 4 anyways, so they’ll suddenly find excess points in their account and have no idea why.

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