Halo 4 Has $220 Million Opening Day

One day. One game. $220 million dollars… and Microsoft thinks by the end of the first week, $300 million will be earned globally from Halo 4.

Microsoft has competition though, so this week was a massively important one for sales. As this is being written, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is due in a matter of hours. The critical test will be continued sales in the face of holiday competition.

Missing from Microsoft’s statement was unit numbers, so that number likely takes into account the $100 limited editions and console bundles. The Halo franchise as a whole has generated revenues in the form of $3.3 billion.

Reports indicated that Halo 4 marked Microsoft’s single largest investment in a video game to date, so surely those numbers are pleasing. The series, despite popularity, saw a drop as fictional space shooters were replaced by more real world military scuffles. With Halo 4, it would seem the franchise is safe.