SWAT, More Spartan Ops Boost Halo 4

Halo 4 is less than a week old, and it’s already growing. As promised, 343 Industries has unlocked the next series of Spartan Ops missions, story-driven assaults on enemies with a focus on co-op. These deal with the mysterious artifact found at the end of the first set of Spartan Ops. This mode will grow as free additions for now. Almost assuredly, future seasons will land as DLC.

In addition to the expansion of Spartan Ops, 343i began including the one-headshot-to-a-kill SWAT game type to matchmaking. What’s left? The return of Griffball would be great. Maybe it’s in the cards. As it stands, the quick response time to freshen up gameplay for those hardcore players (especially those gunning for the Xbox Live Rewards) is appreciated.