Activision/Treyarch List Ways of Being Banned from Black Ops II

Activision and Treyarch have listed seven things NOT to do (in varying degrees) when you boot up Black Ops II. Some are obvious and have no variations (pirating the game), and some offer leeway in the form of suspensions (offensive logos).

Generally speaking, the rules boil down to don’t be stupid, and don’t be an idiot to others.

The use of modified controllers, growing in popularity within the realm of eBay, is being cracked down upon. Boosting and glitching give players chances, which should hopefully cut down on the endless streams of messages for modded lobbies.

Much like the Halo lobbies, with the growth of Call of Duty, the community has become somewhat of a in-joke to the gaming crowd. It’s almost inescapable when you’re dealing with the general public, anonymity, and popular things, the number of morons will always increase. Don’t blame the game, blame the idiots. Hopefully the rules, as laid out, are stuck to.