Bioware Turns Mistaken Black Ops 2 Disc Mix Up Into a Mass Effect Contest

With Black Ops 2 in the hands of millions of fans, thousands of PC gamers may have been treated to a strange shipping error. Some PC copies of Black Ops 2 have their second disc instead replaced by a copy of Mass Effect 2. There isn’t a huge backlash though, since gamers can easily use the included download code instead, so no fuss, no muss.

But how often does something like this happen? When Bioware found out one of their most beloved games had found their way into one of winter’s hottest games, they’re not exactly going to let go of the fishing pole. So they’re giving the first 50 people who photo themselves holding their strangely acquired copy of Mass Effect 2 along with Black Ops 2 a free copy of Mass Effect Trilogy via a download code.

It’s not like this was a terrible problem. Plus the ball should be in Activision’s court if it’s about Black Ops 2. But when the universe wants to say something, let the record show that Bioware listens.

We’re Answering The Call [via the Bioware Blog]

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