Wii U’s Digital Storage Mess

I bought a basic Wii U. Yep, I wanted the basic unit. Go ahead and chastise me…

… continue…

… done? Good. Oh, and by the way, my white Wii U isn’t a fingerprint magnet, so there.

Simply put, the basic unit made sense. I don’t need the discount on digital games because I rarely ever buy them. I don’t need stands. I didn’t want Nintendoland. And, since digital and me don’t mix, the storage issue wasn’t, well, an issue.

Then, the news hit: The basic Wii U only comes with a whopping 3GB of storage. The system information is so bloated, it sucks over half of the available internal memory. THAT is a problem, even for basic game saves and updates. Hell, that might even be an issue for those who only play Wii Sports.

So, I do the logical thing. Amazon had a deal on SD card storage, so I picked up a dirt cheap 16GB card. Now I’m set. That should be more than enough, right? No, it’s not actually. The Wii U doesn’t support SD cards, only USB storage. The SD card slot on the front is only for standard Wii related storage, quite a waste really. Is there a logical reason why SD cards won’t work? I have no idea.

Logically, since the SD card wasn’t opened, it must be sent back. However, because the return is not Amazon’s fault, I could be hit with a charge up to $8, almost the price I paid for the SD card in the first place. At that point, I’ll find another use for it.

Nintendo recommends external hard drives that require AC power. That wouldn’t be such an issue if the Wii U itself didn’t already clog up two AC ports on its own (one for the system, one to charge the GamePad). Sacrificing three for the Wii U is absurd, not to mention that hard drives these days have enormous amounts of storage. I don’t need 500GB, nor should I have to pay for it. Good luck finding one with 16 or 32GB of storage these days that are brand new.

Solution? Mini USB thumb drives. That’s it. Nintendo doesn’t recommended them because of limitations on the read/write capabilities of the units. At this point, I figure keeping save files on the internal memory, and any other game data or digital titles – materials that can be recovered – on the USB thumb drive. I think I can do that, but after this mess, who knows. At this point, I might as well have purchased the Deluxe system.

You may continue your chastising, but hey, I don’t have fingerprint smudges.