Stay Away from Wii U Launch Day Sports Titles

Games designed for the Wii U have treated me fantastic so far. ZombiU produces some startling lighting features, Mario’s first foray into HD is generous with color, and seeing Scribblenauts on the TV is proves how wonderfully designed it is.

Games not designed with the Wii U in mind? It’s not so pleasant.

I’ll preface this by saying I haven’t played FIFA. I know that’s huge, but it hasn’t come across in the workload. Instead, consider this is a generalization in regards to NBA 2K13 and Madden 13. They’re uh… rough.

Madden has no refreshed physics engine unlike the 360/PS3 editions, and still can’t hold to a steady frame rate. Hits seem to happen with outrageous, exaggerated impact as the jumpy movement seems to miss key frames. The entirety of the game seems rugged.

The same goes for NBA 2K13. Despite being outpouring with its features, the game collapses on the court. The 2K basketball series has always been a performance gem, and why is evident here. Fast breaks reveal an engine struggling to play catch-up, motion feels stunted, and jersey fabric movement isn’t included. It looks like someone used too much starch, or we have reverted back a generation, albeit one with higher polygon counts.

Despite being so different, these two titles share a set of problems which means this isn’t just EA or 2K being lazy. This hardware doesn’t seem to work within the framework set up over seven years of development, and no doubt, these titles were rushed.

Both games are also late due to the Wii U’s launch date, so it seems a little suspect to charge $60 for either title. The NFL is halfway done with their season, and given the game’s concerns, the price should reflect that. Instead, it’s a strung together rush job that doesn’t show off the Wii U, and is immediately off-putting. This hardware is capable of better.