German Xbox Dash May Show Halo 4 Map Pack Dates

Halo 4’s map selection isn’t awful if you’re not the type to wander game modes. Stick to Infinity Slayer, and the same four maps cycle endlessly. It’s already a little tiresome if you’re the die-hard type.

Relief could come as soon as December 10th if the date on the German Xbox Live Dashboard is correct. The screen in question brings up the point that you can pre-purchase the first three map packs for 2,000 MS Points as a bundle deal, 1,000 points ($10) off the usual Halo map pack bundles.

As for the dates, that places the Crimson pack on December 10th, Majestic on February 25th, and Castle on April 1st. That’s a short season for DLC, which means Halo 4 could be the first to have more than three packs.