Halo 4’s First Map Pack, Crimson, Goes up Dec. 10th

It would seem the German Xbox Live dashboard teaser is correct, at least on one count. As confirmed (and thus hyped) by 343 Industries, the Crimson map pack for Halo 4 will drop December 10th for 800 MS Points. Limited Edition buyers will have access for free, and those who picked up the 2000 MS Point War Games pack will begin their savings with this release.

Maps include Wreckage (medium sized; king of the hill, capture the flag proficient), Harvest (small; Slayer, objective), and Shatter (large; big team, objective). Interestingly, Harvest marks the location where human and Covenant first met. How cute.

Also packed in is a new game type called Extraction, which reads similar to Halo Reach’s Generator Defense only tweaked. Players must hold locations after planting a beacon a points at various parts on the map.