Wii Mini’s Spiritial Predecessor: The Hyperscan

See that up there? That’s my Hyperscan, or rather, one of them actually. You’ve probably never heard of it, and Mattel, it’s corporate creator, would probably rather forget it. It debuted in the mid-2000s with a gimmicky RFID card concept that ended up pricing it out of the range of any kids. That and the games were amongst the worst ever created in the modern era. Ancient CD-ROM tech with an abysmally slow drive meant that even the wait to play was excruciating.

What’s interesting though is that the small form factor, button placement, and color scheme make it look an awful lot like the Wii Mini Nintendo recently rumored and then announced. Granted, the Hyperscan has a flip open design (the other half is the card reader and curves, but the base disc section carries an eerie resemblance. Even the name of the hardware is on the disc tray lid.

Funny coincidence? Certainly. Oddball connection? Most definitely. Am I stupid for holding onto more than one of these things? Not even questionable.