Resident Evil 6 Gets New Multiplayer Modes, Will Arrive on Xbox First

The Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 6 will be receiving three new multiplayer modes on December 18. The other platforms will presumably be following suit later. Each will be 320 Microsoft points but getting all three bundled together can be bought for 720 MS points. Predator sees one player playing as the B.O.W. Ustanak as up to five additional human players must either defeat him or survive until the end of the round.

In Onslaught, two players go head-to-head in something similar to Mercenaries mode, with a catch that earning higher combos will spawn more enemies for your opponent.

Lastly, Survivors takes RE6‘s existing versus Agent Hunt mode where slain players respawn as enemies. While the original Agent Hunt mode lets you playfully grief another person’s campaign, actually scoring a kill as an enemy lets you respawn as a human.

A day earlier on December 17, gamers can also download a free title update that introduces a new difficulty, No Hope mode, a more controllable in-game camera, and the option to enable subtitles with English-language voices. Ada Wong’s campaign will also be unlocked for everyone and she’ll also be receiving a co-op partner for a friend to jump in as.

via Capcom-Unity

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