Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Hits Blu-ray, DVD

Microsoft’s $10 million live action movie/advertisement for Halo 4 has landed at home… and it’s actually awesome. Fans will probably miss the voice of Master Chief, but it’s an overall great story of how the UNSC deceives recruits and the cost of that deception. Despite being a promotional piece, there’s some fantastic action spread out over 90-minutes, and the final half hour or so is simply outstanding.

The disc is available on DVD or the non-Xbox 360 friendly Blu-ray, but the latter is the preferred way to go. Our sister site DoBlu reviewed Forward Unto Dawn with all around high marks. Note the version available is an extended cut, but the only new footage is some recruit chatter towards the beginning. Master Chief shoots-em-up towards the end just as he did during the run as a web series.