Week in Arcade: Mensa Academy, Black Knight Sword


Have $20? Want two new Live Arcade games? Well, this weeks releases fit into your current buying pattern.

Black Knight Sword

Suda 51 is all over this one from the second you move your character. Set on a puppet show stage, Black Knight isn’t totally committed to the idea, but it is implemented well enough to sell the idea conceptually. A 2D platformer with eccentric flourishes, this is a firm, gory romp with basic swordplay at its heart. Players ruin (and end) the lives of various monsters as they impede progress, and progress with some rigid platforming. It may be simple, but it’s also goofy, bizarre, and oddly appealing. The design is such that it visually pulls you in and doesn’t let go.

Mensa Academy

Mental challenger with a series of different challenges amongst multiple mind-bending challenges. What start as simple exercises quickly ask more of the player, so your genius status will likely dilute. Don’t feel too proud of yourself immediately. Controls are set up to ensure little is wasted (these are timed challenges) and response time is great. It’s a perfect party title with the modes needed for that type of event, and broad category choice means anyone can jump in. Solid effort.