GameStop Offering Gears of War Judgement Lancer Replica


If you’re spending $100 on a replica gun from a video game, why wouldn’t you want it adorned in a texture made for a taxi cab?

While Gears of War Judgment isn’t out, one can assume there is a special Lancer with such a pattern is included. After all, Gears of War 3 released with a bevy of DLC skins (controversially), so why not create replicas of those?

Toy and replica maker NECA has you covered if this is your thing. Exclusive to GameStop, the “Car #13” skinned Lancer can be had for $100. It’s an online only piece and will release alongside Judgment. If that’s too flashy, the retailer has other Lancers you can buy with all sorts of wild colors, and those are available right now.

Sadly (thankfully?), the chainsaw does not move, but the piece does make sounds when the trigger is pulled.