Nintendo Recommends Updating Wii U’s Before Gifting


Before giving that brand new Wii U to a loved one, Nintendo is taking steps to ensure that recipients are ready to go out of the box… and that requires work.

Due to the Wii U’s somewhat lean out-of-the-box experience and substantial download required to bring it up to speed, Nintendo is officially recommending the giver open up the hardware and work out all of the internet required stuff. This is almost undoubtedly a first for any gaming-related product.

The day one download for the Wii U added all of the online functionality and backwards compatibility. Later downloads included various fixes and the recent enabling of Nintendo TVii. The whole process should take around an hour, so if you can work around any suspicious eyes to keep it a surprise, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Then, you can explain why you’re giving opened and used gifts.