Pokemon Announcement Coming January 8


Nintendo has stated that they’re prepping an announcement regarding their overwhelmingly popular Pokemon franchise. So the big news hasn’t happened yet, but its fun to think of what’s going to happen when they finally give us that news.

So the real wrinkle here is that the announcement is going out by Pokemon of Japan and the International Pokemon website. Never mind that the world at large got an announcement but the Japanese website is also announcing it too. A little bit of digging reveals that the last time both ends of the Pokemon Company announced something, it was the reveal of Pokemon Black and White.  So an announcement on Pokemon can mean anything: the card game, the anime, a spin off game, or the main series of handheld games. Still, I think it’s worth holding out hope that this could be big. Nobody’s saying it’s something relating to the main series, but nobody’s said it isn’t.

via GoNintendo

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