NVIDIA Unveils The Shield: Portable Android, Cloud PC Unit


At CES, NVIDIA surprised everybody with an announcement about The Shield. The device comes packing with a 720p screen, game console-esque controller, the ability to play PC games through the cloud, all while offering full support for Android games. The clamshell unit offers HDMI output too.

The fragmentation of the Android market remains a barrier, and NVIDIA’s attempt at seizing a section of the marketplace is somewhat unique. Unlike OUYA, the crowd funded device is locked to the home. The Shield can be taken on the go, played at home, and expand into the strong PC market. The potential is there.

Clocking in with a Tegra 4 chip that towers over the OUYA and just about every other Android device, The Shield is certainly future proofed. Whether is has a market or not remains to be seen. After all, while the controller seems like a genuine winner, games have to support it. Ask any third-party, Android controller maker what it takes to get supported, and the sob stories will roll in.

Still, the device looks fun, and if you’re sucked into the Play Store on a regular basis, this might be a better choice than OUYA in the end. It looks sleek and is loaded with potential.