The Secret World Sees 30% Sales Boost After Dropping Suscriptions


Subscriptions seem to be going the way of the cartridge as MMO The Secret World has switched over from a subscription-based model to a buy-to-play model. In doing so, they’ve experienced a 30% increase in their sales, or 70,000 units. They’ve also seen a 400% increase in player activity from returning players and newbies alike. Now that’s a big number!

You may recognize the buy-to-play model from¬†Guild Wars 2.¬†Once gamers buy the game, they aren’t required to pay any more money in order to play the game online.

As for how Funcom will earn more money if sales slow down, The Secret World will offer an optional subscription that gives access to exclusive items, an allowance of in-game currency to use, and free access to monthly quests updates.

Unfortunately, switching over to a new business model hasn’t prevented the need for some serious corporate restructuring. And by restructuring, I mean cutting the fat, as in offices getting shut down or merged in order to keep Funcom afloat. But hey, maybe the buy-to-play switch means Funcom is in the clear now?

via The Escapist

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