Too Human Pulled from Xbox Live Marketplace


A court ruling that saw Silicon Knights losing to Epic Games has led to Too Human becoming a casualty. The court order stated that all physical copies of the game are to be destroyed, and the digital versions were to be pulled. Today is apparently that day.

All of the game’s content – even down to Gamerpics – has been pulled in the end. Users who have purchased any of this content can still redownload the game (or content). This pull only applies to new purchases.

Note that X-Men Destiny was also cited in the ruling, and should receive the same treatment.

Those looking to bank it on eBay should be forewarned that Too Human was sold for four years. It won’t be rare, let alone uncommon. Used copies will continue to exist. The collector market for situations like this only work for short print games that saw limited shelf time. Hoarding copies won’t bring any benefit.

X-Men Destiny on the other hand may be a curiosity as it’s a well-liked license. didn’t score well in reviews, and likely didn’t sell much as a result.