Remembering Earl Weaver Baseball


Earl Weaver, famed manager of the Baltimore Orioles, passed away January 18th, 2013.

His major league legacy will always be remembered, but so will his contribution to video games. Before EA became the dominating force in AAA gaming, designers Don Daglow and Eddie Dombrower gave PC users Earl Weaver Baseball. EA’s off again, on again connection to baseball began here with this licensed sim that carried a number of unique managerial features. An entire season could be simulated, different stadiums were available, voice work was available for Amiga users (plus it was customizable!), and expansion disks added more teams.

The game was clearly ahead of its time, and sadly the series would be drowned out by a rushed sequel. Still, the game’s legacy – like Weaver’s own – still carries on. Dombrower worked on I Got It Baseball, which saw updates into the 2002 season. The game is a straight simulation, but carries many of the AI routines that began with Earl Weaver Baseball.