THQ is Dead, IP’s Auctioned Off


January 23rd has proven to be d-day for once strong publisher THQ. All of their assets have been auctioned off to the highest bidder, and some were not purchased at all such as developer Vigil along with their Darksiders franchise.

The rundown is as follows according to a letter from THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell:

Sega now owns developer Relic (Company of Heroes)

Koch Media purchased Volition (Saint’s Row, Metro)

Crytek secured the license to Homefront

Take-Two has a hand in an unannounced game Evolve

UbiSoft snatched THQ Montreal (South Park)

EA (rumor only) took the WWE license

Hopefully, most of these development teams stay in place, although the nature of business means some run-off is likely.