Week in Arcade: The Cave


A jumpy start to the new year for XBLA lands us here with this $15 Double Fine adventure.

The Cave

The Cave is instantly a Double Fine endeavor. A soft spoken narrator introduces the game and as it turns out, that voice IS the cave. It is not all fun and games though; the dating scene is not so hot when you’re a pile of rocks with a hole in it. Players then commence on a journey into the heart of said cave with characters that could fit into any bar joke scenario (a monk, a knight, and a hillbilly walk into a bar…). Puzzles ensue that require the cooperation of up to three swappable characters, and while management is easy, it can be a bit of a hassle. It then becomes Double Fine’s humor that drives the title, plus the fantastic character design. Platforming elements are light but a bit loose, and the game needs the full charm suite to pull itself together. What it lacks in instant appeal, The Cave makes up with a healthy dose of class.