Ace of Spades Update Contains A Free Classic Mode


If you search for Ace of Spades in Steam, you might find two entries. The most recent is what Jagex picked up on in order to deliver a more polished game to a wider audience. The older is the original Ace of Spades, which had a more methodical pace and focused on trench warfare game play.  But a new, free update coming to Ace of Spades is promising to deliver some of that classic flavor veterans of the game might be itching for.

The new update focuses on introducing Classic Mode, which will bring back older modes and trench warfare. A new Classic Mode specific character class will also be introduced, the Deuce, as well as five new maps and a vague announcement slower game play for more strategical maneuvers and tactics.

Don’t want to go back to the way things were? Well you don’t have to worry about anything because the update is free, so the least you can do is give it a try and see how it works in the current AoS. It’s available right now, you’d best get your shovels ready and start digging!

via Destructoid

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