Week in Arcade: Skulls of the Shogun


An on again/off again start to XBLA releases in 2013 leads us to this $15 strategy title.

Skull of the Shogun

Fast paced and colorful, this oddball little strategy game has a ton of charm, including a wickedly raw sense of humor. Players command a rogue general not so happy with the afterlife, so he takes it upon himself to clean up the place. Warrior types join him with the usual range of abilities, all placed on a map in strategic locations. Frisky as it can be, even action gaming types may find something to draw them in here, the hook being simplicity and the slow, growing need for additional strategy. When it starts becoming complex, you won’t be able to put it down. The game is launching across all Microsoft platforms (Windows 8, Mobile, XBLA) at the same time, so there is little reason not to give it a go.