Rayman Legends Delayed, Now Coming to Xbox 360, PS3


One of the first games to pop up in Wii U kiosks was Rayman Legends. The beautiful platformer was a dazzler for sure, and a clean buy for Wii U owners. Now, maybe not so much.

UbiSoft has delayed the Wii U edition of Rayman Legends. Instead of launching in the near future, the game was pushed back until September, and now, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fans will have equal access.

In other words, the Wii U just lost a significant third-party exclusive.

The logic from a business standpoint makes sense. UbiSoft wants the larger audiences. However, they are releasing a retail, 2D platformer right on the cusp of holiday madness, and possibly with new consoles in tow. Hopefully the game does not end up buried, even with the additional platforms.

The Wii U edition is still set to have the second screen multiplayer, so not all is lost. It merely comes down to platform preference now.