New Call of Duty Expected This Year… Again


Call of Duty comes every year. Like the rainy season or a swarm of migrating bees, Activision is sure to bring a new one out this year. That part of the news is assured, so it’s worth noting that Activision actually isn’t getting their hopes up this year.

While a new Call of Duty was part of a recent earnings call with Activision, they also stated that they don’t expect this next installment to top what Black Ops 2 did last year. While it’s always good to be cautious from previous lessons, the expectation is largely set due to what’s happening in 2013 Primarily, it’s the expected release of a new generation of consoles that’s making them set the bar low.

Nothing else about the game has been revealed but pattern dictates that this next one will be by Infinity Ward (what’s left of it anyways) and will continue the Modern Warfare brand.

via Polygon

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