Resident Evil Revelations Wii U Supports Off TV Play; Why Don’t They All?


The Wii U’s off TV play is not for everyone. If you have consistent access to your TV, then why bother playing on the small screen, right?

But, with a family or a shared screen for any reason – even for multi-tasking – off screen play on the Gamepad is a powerful attraction of the Wii U hardware.

This all comes about because it has been made known that the Wii U port of previously 3DS exclusive Resident Evil: Revelations will support this feature. So far, there have only been a few Wii U titles that don’t, launch title Zombie U being one of them. There, essential functions were mapped to the pad that prevented off TV play.

But, moving forward, how essential should this feature be? From a consumer perspective, having to research which games utilize it with certainly conflicting information is bound to cause frustration. Should it be made known with an icon on the back of every game case or on the digital storefront? Absolutely.

This is the type of news that struggles to earn the name, “news.” It’s a feature that is being reported on and stretched into a news bite. This should be a near standard feature to the point that games that do not support said play are the ones being called out. Those games could be excluded because of their awesome Gamepad usage, while forcing the issue for developers. Not all games need it, and some do well by changing things up to allow for off TV play (Madden for example).

Those types of decisions benefit everyone.