Images of Halo 4 Majestic Map Pack Found Online


With a rumored release date of February 25th, it’s odd that 343 has been silent on the next map pack for Halo 4. Leave it to a NeoGaf user who changed a URL to reveal some images.

The three maps in the Majestic map pack are named Skyline, Monolith, and Landfall.

Late last year, a slip-up on the German Xbox Live dashboard revealed the dates for the downloadable content, and so far, it seems to be on track. The December 10th date for the first set of playfields was right.

Single images make it impossible to judge any gameplay possibilities, but visually, Skyline’s spectacular spire (above) is a great example of how fantastic this image is. Where the actual play area is in that map is anyone’s guess. Monolith and Landfall images follow: