Q*Bert World Record Set After 84 Hour Marathon


It took 84 hours and 48 minutes. That is a starting date of Valentine’s Day, and end time on February 18th at 12:38 AM. Wow.

George Leutz is the world record holder in the arcade version of Q*Bert, breaking a score that dated back to 1983. His total score? 37,163,080, breaking the old score of 33,273,520.

Leutz had competition in Ed Heemskerk, who spent an unreal 60 hours on a single quarter for 28,870,165 points.

Recently, Q*Bert has become something of an enigma in the world of competitive scoring. Multiple people have tried, but lost when fatigue dropped them out of the competition.

Players on these record quests set out to score extra lives, but purely for access to breaks and rest. A quick nap can require a rather large amount of lives to survives, but even then, it might not be enough to refresh a body.