Week in Arcade: Capcom Arcade Cabinet, Serious Sam XXL


Two games, both infused with retro goodness for a total of $15 this week.

Capcom Arcade Cabinet

Remember Game Room? Remember Final Fight Double Impact? Well, combine those two ideas and you have Arcade Cabinet, which at launch nets you three games (and three demos) for $5. Black Tiger (awesome), 1943 (awesome), and Avenger (not so awesome) introduce the service/emulator to XBLA in solid form. Options are plentiful for visuals and play style, while the emulation itself is solid. No doubt many of these titles were potential Game Room holdovers, but the packages of games look promising (Section Z, Gun.Smoke, Legendary Wings, amongst others), although they will be $10 per pack from here on out.

Serious Sam Double D XXL

Mommy’s Best Games has done some impressive indie games on the 360, but this feels like an expansion of those titles at a much higher price. Glossy art notwithstanding, Double D languishes in pacing and lacks the real weapon punch sought by other platform shooters. Enemies are true to the universe but dull to shoot, even when the creative weapon stacking idea is put in play. You can piece together various weapon types to create massive towers of firepower, all very kitsch if not fun in execution. The game just sort of is, and never finds a polished spark to elevate the kooky action.