The Missing Details on the PlayStation 4 Dim Excitement


The PlayStation 4 will do a lot of things. It can display disembodied heads in a black background. It can render games in a new era of orange and teal tones. It can even peer into your life and download games for you. How fun.

Kidding aside, what we saw was impressive. What we didn’t see? Not so much.

The form factor or shape of the unit is rather irrelevant. Have you ever looked at a piece of gaming hardware and went, “You know, I have $500 to spend to spend on New Console X, but I don’t like their sense of design, so screw all of the games, the great looking controller, and multiplayer potential. Pass.” No, you have not, and Sony knows this. Short of the system appearing like a shadowy form of Chuthulu, we are safe.

We do not know the price, so that is a stickler. It’s like, “Hey! Look! A Killzone in which you can actually see what is happening! It will cost you $700, but Killzone! Colors!” No matter how great it looks, my bank account looks more important. It is hard to feel excited about something I might be unable to afford.

Then, the used game conundrum. Killzone could suck, so it would be nice to have assurance that, yes, if you don’t like it, eBay remains a click away. Depending on who you talk to, used games are either totally a thing or maybe not so much. Mixing words will not help Sony, and by not addressing it at the show to put fear at ease, they did more harm than good. Used games are infinitely more important than knowing my friends can hop into my games via the web to inevitably screw me over.

Then, the Vita. Oh dear, the Vita. People, buy a Vita if only so those of who already bought a Vita can feel justified. Consider it to be helping your fellow man. Effectively, the uber-powerful handheld is being relegated to second citizen status as a PlayStation 4 whipping boy. The PS4 will be a Wii U thanks to the hardware. How… quaint. Know what I would like for the Vita? A game. Just one would be nice, two would be better, but we can’t be too picky. Sony opened the show talking about Vita, and the quickly sidestepped with, “We will tell you more later.” Yeah, but I spent the money for the hardware now.

So, mixed emotions all around. New hardware is always exciting in some capacity, and if you’re not interested, maybe the industry has pushed you too far. E3 will be a shining beacon of details, and by Sony going first, they open the door for Microsoft to put on a show that hopefully doesn’t involve ponchos and circuses. Until then, who wants to put money on which promise will be Sony’s Velocity Girl?