PlayStation 4 Might Offer Subscription Tiers; Will Focus on Digital


Speaking to The Guardian, Sony Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida states the PlayStation 4 could feature multiple tiers of subscriptions. Yoshida states:

“We could have gold, silver or platinum levels of membership, something like that,” Yoshida says. “We can do subscription services when we have more content – especially now that we have the Gaikai technology available.”

In other words, it may take time. The system needs content to fuel the subscriptions, and that would not be available at launch (clearly). However, this direction certainly brings out some details on what PlayStation Plus could look like in the future. The discount service has been pushed heavily by Sony in recent months with stiff discounts and plenty of free items.

Yoshida also made a commitment to digital. “All games” will be available digitally, with the comparison in the markeplace made through the Vita. The service will offer capabilities for different business models like free-to-play, giving developers flexibility.