Blacklight: Retribution Expands With A Horde Mode

Having a horde mode is a pretty safe way to add a breath of fresh air to a game. Blacklight: Retribution has been out for one year so to celebrate, Zombie Studios is adding Onslaught to the game. Your usual wave based survival is present in Onslaught and goes with the zombie template of horde enemies, though Blacklight’s unique visor mode is sure to take it to interesting places. The Onslaught add-on will also include new maps and weapons to the party.

The interesting thing is that players who download Onslaught through Steam will be given a unique silver crowbar melee item. Reverential nod or heavy handed hint from Valve? You make the call!

One last note is that the game is now fully localized and available in Turkey. More good games for more people!

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