Elder Scrolls Online Beta to Start Later this Month


So there I was, playing Mass Effect 3‘s new Reckoning expansion, when bam! Zenimax drops word that the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online will be starting later this month! Time to take the next few weeks to mentally prepare for a new MMO to enter our lives.

It won’t necessarily just be some beta that will open up to testers and everything will go willy-nilly though. When the first beta session starts up later this month and the invites go out, players will only be able to play during specific time frames, with the developer making a concerted effort to gather as much detailed data as they can. MMOs can be big, messy affairs after all.

Of course, there will be more than one beta event, with each one focused on a specific purpose to gather specific data. Over time, the first few, smaller betas will give way to more frequent rounds with larger groups. So don’t fret if you don’t get into the first beta session. More will be on the way with bigger selection criteria for you to fit in.

So you know, go sign up for the beta. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, right?

Elder Scrolls Online Beta FAQ

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