Week in Arcade: Darkstalkers Resurrection


A single release this week, and it’s a Capcom 2D fighter compilation for $15.

Darkstalkers Resurrection

Arcade compilation from Capcom that is, oddly, missing a game. The two sequels to Darkstalkers are here, but the original has been left out. Why not release a complete set? There is an argument for how outdated the first game is in terms of balance (it is), but include it at least for posterity’s sake. Darkstalkers, regardless of the odd choice, is Capcom’s middle fighter, not as popular as Street Fighter, not as completely oddball as Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure. Regardless, the roster is varied and memorable, with gameplay shared with Ryu and company. It’s a sharp, fast fighter, and this XBLA port shines. Finding solid home ports for the series required importing, so it’s nice to see these titles respected.