Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Has Multiplayer… Some Anyway


First-person shooters? Meh. I’ll play Call of Duty or Halo. Step into the shoes of a sniper – and only a sniper – and maybe your game is worth the time.

Hence, some excitement washes over Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, a budget title that bulks itself with CryEngine 3 and introduces multiplayer. That is not a lie.

In execution, the game has one versus mode. One. Team deathmatch. Oh, and it has two maps. To say that gets tiring quickly is a hilarious understatement. This is also a game with snipers and only snipers. There are no assault rifles. The only other weapon is a sidearm pistol, so matches can extend out for some time. Barren lobbies means games are not always full, and picking out opponents from 50 or so windows is not easy.

But, that is in the spirit of the game, a tense showdown that can often reward patience and a sharp eye. There is SOME enjoyment to be had here, and for a budget title (it is $40 at launch), it is relatively impressive. Maybe the lower entry price is meant to ease players into DLC. Certainly the game needs it, although hopefully it is not overdone as compensation for such a slim opening day launch. As is stands today, there is little reason to show the game multiplayer devotion, although its inclusion is still welcome for a nice break within the first-person shooter landscape.