DuckTales Remastered from Capcom is Happening


Outside of MultiplayerGames’ wheelhouse but so awesome it deserves mention, DuckTales is being remade. The NES platforming classic is in the capable hands of sprite masters WayForward, and is due to hit PSN, XBLA, and the Wii U eShop this year with the name DuckTales Remastered.

The game is a full remake of the NES icon, fitted with new 3D backgrounds and generous sprite work. The expansion goes far enough to bring back the original voice actors, which means new cinematics amidst what appear to be 100% authentic level designs. The soundtrack is in the hands of Jake Kaufman, whose work on Contra 4 (and others) was impeccable. Yes, the Moon theme should be audio spectacle.

DuckTales is known for more than its license, but its gameplay which saw Scroogs McDuck bouncing cheerfully on his cane while traveling the globe. The platformer was quaint, with perfect pacing, secret areas, outstanding music, and snappy jumps that puts it in the upper echelon of the hardware’s (many) genre entries.

DuckTales was a renowned success, but often forgotten is the late generation DuckTales 2 and the dual Game Boy editions that matched their NES counterparts. Maybe Capcom can look into those titles as well for release. A similar remake of DuckTales 2 would be wonderful, and with the 3DS eShop hosting handheld titles, the Game Boy versions can have their due as well.