Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Shows Some Nintendo Creativity


I’m unsure why all of the players are Luigi. Four Luigi’s scrambling for ghosts or time, an oddity for a company usually fixated on exposing its franchise characters wherever they can. While the game certainly belongs to the green-clad star,  ignoring everyone else makes multiplayer weird.

In any case, Nintendo has taken something that seems to have few multiplayer possibilities and turned it into something memorable. Online scuffles as players try to chase down more ghosts with their own Poultergusts 5000’s is frantic enjoyment. There is even a bit of co-op, segmented from the main story mode, but co-op nonetheless.

I never played the original Luigi’s Mansion with multiplayer in the back of my head. Years later, I never would have considered that the game could even make it work, and yet here I am pleasantly surprised. Games like Tomb Raider shoehorn the traditional shooter approach into their shells and force the issue. Luigi’s Mansion keeps the crux of the series, that addictive flash and grab mechanic, and sells it online.

Do I prefer it over the story mode? Not at all. But, in an effort to give the title a bit of a value boost, Nintendo has done well. This is a far cry from the likes of their New Super Mario Bros. series where co-op has been scrunched in for the sake of it. Dark Moon is energetic and different, much likes its starring namesake.