Gears of War: Judgment Has Remnants of Warzone Mode; It’s Playable


Gears of War vets may be left scratching their heads at the exclusion of Warzone mode for multiplayer, which is basically team deathmatch. Well, the classic mainstay since Gears of War 1 is still present on Judgment and is in fact fully playable. Despite it being buried in the game’s code, a few button presses within Judgment‘s Private Match will send you and your friends on your merry way to classic slaughterhouse fun.

The good news is that it was never intended to be some kind of on-disc, paid DLC. The bad news is that it was never intended to be playable at all. Apparently, leaving code innocuously buried is far easier than try to rip it out. But the good news is that a similar mode called Execution is coming on April 2nd for free alongside a title update and according to senior multiplayer programmer Peter Knepley, it’s way more fun than Warzone.

Heck, with an appraisal like that, you can call it whatever you want. Who’s going to complain about free modes?

Gears of War: Judgment Warzone mode found on the disc, and it’s playable via Eurogamer

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