Capcom’s Easing Off Fighting Game Re-releases


Did you like Darkstalkers: Resurrection? Because it might be the last one you’ll see in a while. Capcom’s seeing diminished returns on each progressive HD re-release it’s done, so at the very least it’ll be taking a break from the whole re-living the ’90s heyday strategy.

Capcom senior VP Christian Svensson expressed weariness given the cooling of sales for HD re-releases.

Sadly, I think we’ve probably run the course of feasible titles here given the drop-off we’ve seen in sales with each new introduction.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike set the wheels in motion for people to believe in the idea of playing some of their favorite classic fighting games scaled for glorious HD. Then came Marvel Vs. Capcom 2Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins and of course most recently Darkstalkers: Resurrection, which is basically both Darkstalkers 2 and 3. So yeah, they’ve done a lot in a short amount of time. Svensson thinks they’re even running out of feasible material to re-release.

But what about Power Stone?

via Siliconera

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