Congratulations EA! You’re the Worst American Company of 2013!


EA has won its second Worst American Company of the Year award, defending its position from the likes of super villain-esque banks and Captain Planet inspired oil companies. The vote comes in from The Consumerists’ yearly poll, which has entered its 8th year of running.

At a staggering yet convincing 78%, EA took the top away from its closest competitor, Bank of America. When the company was looking on its way to a two-in-a-row, Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore tried to deflect blame of being the worst company in America by claiming most consumer ire was coming from people disagreeing with EA’s choice of cover athletes and homophobes. But no matter your opinion on how games like Mass Effect 3, SimCity, or Dead Space 3 are being handled as properties, people certainly have opinions on EA’s approach to microtransactions and basically gouging us for every penny without concern.

There are primarily two sides to look at this. One is why is a company that makes money off of publishing video games being considered worst than a company that caused one of the worst oil spills in history? The other side is that EA’s business practices must be so bad, that the consumers have decided they are in fact worst than an oil spill (ouch). Which is something The Consumerist clarifies in its contest.

The point of this contest, now in its 8th year, is to enable consumers to send a message to a company that provides goods or services to them. Winning this contest means your customers are trying to tell you something. And that something is that you, out of all the companies, most deserve a plastic poop trophy.

Congratulations EA. It might sting at first but at least you’re being consistent.

Worst Company In America 2013

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