Week in Arcade: Sacred Citadel


For $15, you can snag this brawler that would hopefully wipe the memory of Double Dragon II.

Sacred Citadel

This 2D brawler has the potential to be something sharp. Nifty action RPG elements add a burst of energy to the offense, and with three-players, the screen becomes quite hectic. However, the basic X button combo contains no knockback or knock down attack. That means players can mash the X button, locking enemies in a three-hit cycle until they die. Foes have no escape. Bosses break that mold, but most of the game is, as the genre dictates, a rumble with lesser foes who exist to be hit. Variations on the attacks with Y & B can change up the assault (and create a knock down), but why bother when it is so simple to stand and melee? The added benefit of leveling, gold farming, and multiplayer will probably appease quite a few people. However, as a beat-em-up, it languishes in mediocrity.