Poker Night 2 Has Cross-Game Unlocks For Winning

How often can you say that playing one game will benefit a completely different game? After playing some poker, you may be able to unlock some cosmetic items for an FPS game!

Telltale Games’ Poker Night 2 features a wealth of interesting unlocks to trick out your card playing atmosphere, but card sharks with diverse taste will find cross-game unlocks as well as some interesting platform specific unlocks. Best of all, if you’re really tempted by these unlocks, Poker Night 2 is roughly $5 for all platforms.

Every platform can unlock new bonus headgear on Borderlands 2.┬áSteam players can of course unlock Team Fortress 2 items. That sounds cooler than say, PS3’s premium themes or Xbox 360’s avatar items. But hey, the Gunzerker’s unlockable from Poker Night 2 is Brock Samson’s glorious mane of hair. If you’re going to be a bloothirsty killer, might as well get the hair right!

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