Circle Pad Pro for 3DS XL Available, Shipping Now


Nintendo has finally made the Circle Pad Pro attachment for the 3DS XL available… and only via their ShopNintendo online store. The Circle Pad for the standard 3DS was a GameStop and Nintendo Store exclusive. Used for the likes of Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus, and Monster Hunter, the bulky piece clips onto the hardware to offer a second analog stick.

For some time, the standard Circle Pad was a tough find. GameStop and Nintendo both sold out, letting the bulk of sales go to eBay resellers. The accessory shot up to $50 and hovered there until they landed in stock again, bringing prices down to Earth-sensible levels. Retail price is $20, although you’ll also need to pay shipping when buying from Nintendo, so plan for other $5 (plus sales tax where applicable). Also, a couple of AAA batteries would not hurt either: It needs one to function.

Source: Joystiq