Star Trek: The Game’s 3D is a Mess


Want to know why most people have negative connotations toward 3D? Junk like Star Trek.

The game itself is an unmitigated disaster, so it is doubtful anyone would rush out and jump on it just for the 3D anyway, but still. A few highlights are here, namely two late sequences involving wing suits, while the rest is butchered by the ludicrous level of screen tearing.

Every swing of the camera from this third-person view breaks down the benefit of 3D, causing the game (and eyes) to fall out of the needed alignment. Even if it’s brief, in the middle of combat, that illusion shattering technical gaffe is enough to throw off aim.

Even when it’s working, the depth is merely passable. Using the slider in the menu boost the depth only exasperates the issues, and pushes objects far too close to the front of the screen, creating cross-talk.  Most of the levels are inside ships where spherical rooms are unable to carry the distance needed, and planetary surfaces are mangled from botched textures. Seeing a pixelated plant pop up in front of the frame is hardly what the tech was built for.

For the record, this is all in reference to the Xbox 360 version. There is an off-chance the PlayStation 3 edition shines, although that would be a surprising comparison considering how rough the entire game is. It’s doubtful the 3D was anything more than an after thought. In a first, to turn 3D off, you need to exit all the way back to the main menu. You cannot switch in-game. How thoughtful.