Want Deoxys for Pokemon Black & White 2? Of Course!


Another day, another legendary Pokemon being digitally distributed for your collecting pleasure. This time, it’s the 3rd generation’s Deoxys, which is pretty much a contemporary analogue to Mewtwo, coming to your copy of Pokemon Black and White 2.

Deoxys was one of the first Pokemon to be introduced to have multiple forms with different combat styles and usually it changes form due to the presence of meteorites you can interact with in the game. For Black and White 2, there will be a place you can go to change its form (spelled forme inexplicably in-game).

Details haven’t been released yet on how or where you’ll get it but this will be one of the few ways you can get Deoxys short of using several importing tools from previous generations to carry him from the third, to the fourth, to the current fifth generation. And believe me when I say Deoxys deserves his uber status. Any form that isn’t his default form has the highest attack, defense, or speed in its category. He’s powerful!

via Serebii

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