EA Downsizing Hits Sports Division, Tiger Woods 15 Cancelled


Reported by Kotaku, it would seem the recent downsizing by EA (with an unspecified number of jobs lost) is impacting the EA Sports division. On the chopping block is the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise, which if correct, would mean the series would be skipping a year. Even Tiger Woods 16 is up in the air. Per Kotaku:

“EA’s plan was to outsource that edition [Tiger 15] of the game, to give the in-house team two years to make Tiger Woods 16, taking advantage of all the PS4 and the next Xbox would have to offer. When CEO John Riccitiello gave his resignation last month, that plan was scrapped as a cost-saving move. The game hasn’t been reassigned to the Tiger Woods team, either.”

EA retired their long standing PGA Tour franchise after 1998. Tiger Woods would take over the cover spot in 1999 on the PlayStation, and the series’ reach exploded onto the PlayStation 2, N64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, mobile phones, and even N-Gage. It kept moving through a generation, onto the DS, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, free-to-play PC, and whatever else would play host.

Oddly, the series was condensed.┬áMaybe Tiger was sicker than we all realized as a franchise. The PSP disappeared in 2011 (and since), the DS lost it after 2008, and mobile platforms did not see a ’13 or current ’14 edition. The 3DS, Vita, and Wii U have been left out of the mix entirely.

Of course, as the franchise continued on, it would find itself the recipient of awful DLC schemes, and was the first to be hit with an online pass. As good as the series was, it would always be in the shadow of its marketing . Tiger Woods PGA Tour became a beacon for current industry schemes. Maybe people just got sick of the yearly DLC grind.