Week in Arcade: FarCry: Blood Dragon


It’s $15 ’80s action in this week’s single release.

FarCry: Blood Dragon

A send up of direct-to-video (and in some cases, theatrical) ’80s action flicks, this spin-off of FarCry 3 is an absolute gem. From the loading screens that copy a VCRs auto tracking to the NES-inspired cinematics, Blood Dragon is kitschy fun. Non-fans of the series will still find the mechanics a bit sloppy, and it would be nice to see the title take it all the way with low fidelity audio. Still, the trailing neon and saturated explosions with a subtle fuzziness creates an unmistakable piece of nostalgia that is more than a re-skinned release. Totally self-aware and ingrained in filmmaking culture of the period, Blood Dragon carves its own niche amongst the barrage of ’80sploitation.