Week in Arcade Part Deux: Way of the Dogg


A $10 Friday release featuring Snoop Dogg… err, Snoop Lion. Snoop Giraffe? Eh, it’s Snoop something.

Way of the Dogg

Certainly one of the more interesting XBLA diversions, this Snoop Dogg-infused fighting game utilizes his music while the player taps, holds, or jams on buttons to the rhythm. Fights in the background are cel-shaded with thick lines. Executing so many correct moves lands a special that deals damage on the back-and-forth health bar, while between it all is a story of revenge and redemption. Fans of the rapper will clearly have more fun than those that are not, and this is sort of what EA tried with the previous Def Jam title, just more obvious. It works, it’s odd, but has a distinct fan base.